Standard Door Styles Standard Door Styles Standard RP1 Straight profile raised panel door, (the true and traditional raised panel door). This specific door is made out of black walnut, finished natural. 146373940 Standard RP2 Beveled profile raised panel door. This specific door is made out of cherry, finished natural. 146373941 Standard RP3 Unique and with a 3/4" panel. This specific door is made out of light hickory, finished natural. 146373942 Standard FP1 This is your common flat panel door, this specific door is made out of oak and finished natural. 146373943 Standard FP2 This is the same as FP1 but with a flat bead board panel. This specific door is made out of knotty pine. 146373944 Standard Single Panel Shaker Door 146520716 Standard Double Panel Shaker Door 146520717 Standard Door Edge Profiles #112 1/2" Round Over, #113 1/4" Cove, #114 Square Edge, #115 3/16" Eased Edge, #226 1/4" Step Edge Note: #132 - #134 - #213 are unavailable until further notice. 146392605 Panel Profile RP1 Used in Standard Door RP1 146393300 Panel Profile RP2 Used in Standard Door RP2 146393301 Standard Door Style & Rail Profile This is called a "Quarter Round Style and Rail Set" and is what we use as our standard for all of our standard doors that we make most of the time. We use 2 1/4" style and rail stock for our standard doors. Other profiles are available with upgrade door orders and custom orders. 146393987 Our Standard Concealed Hinge Back Plate 146516149 Our Stand Concealed Door Hinge 146516150 Standard Surface Mount Hinge Available in 8 different finishes. 146516239 200755819 200755820 200755821 200755822 200755823 200755824 200755825 200755826